N. Student Teaching Forms

thumb_IMG_6751_1024.jpgA student teacher’s art journal reflection

Student Teaching Evaluation forms / Code of Ethics of the Education Profession / Student Teacher Placement Professional Agreement Form / State of Colorado Licensing Exam Requirements / and other form pertinent to Student Teaching can be found at the CEP Teacher Licensing Student Teaching Page.

Student Teaching Handbook

Student Teaching Handbook (pdf)

Colorado Teacher Quality Standards

Colorado Teacher Quality Standards-latest ver. (pdf)

Teacher Quality Standards and Elements Aligned to Art

Teacher Quality Standards and Elements aligned to Lesson Observation Report: Teaching/Learning Situation and Standards Alignment

TQS and Lesson Observation Form-Art Translation 2018-19 LONG FORM (word)

TQS and Lesson Observation Form-Art Translation 2018-19 SHORT FORM (word)

Standards Alignment -latest ver. (word)(pdf)

Observation Forms

CEP-2022sp Lesson Observation-SHORT FORM (pdf)

CEP-2022sp Lesson Observation commulative Teaching Evaluation-LONG FORM (pdf)

Disposition Forms 

CEP Dispositions  2021/2022 (pdf)

Standard Portfolio Requirements

CEP Standard Portfolio Requirement-2022 (pdf)

Standard Elements Evaluation Form 

University coach can utilize the form to evaluate if student teachers successfully reflect the standard elements and provide relevant artifacts on their e-portfolio.

standard elements evaluation form (word)

Self-evaluation Sheet (Student Teacher Use-For the 6th week)

Student teachers are requested to videotape their teaching and observe their teaching by using this form for reflection.

Self-evaluation Sheet (word)

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