N. Student Teaching Forms

thumb_IMG_6751_1024.jpgA student teacher’s art journal reflection

Student Teaching Evaluation forms / Code of Ethics of the Education Profession / Student Teacher Placement Professional Agreement Form / State of Colorado Licensing Exam Requirements / and other form pertinent to Student Teaching can be found at the CEP Teacher Licensing Student Teaching Page.

In the FA22 CSU student teaching forms folder link, you can find:

1.Student Teaching Handbook

2.Colorado Teacher Quality Standards

3. Observation Forms ( for university coaches and mentor teachers)

  • Cummulative Teaching-LONG FORM
  • Lesson Observation Form-SHORT FORM

4. Disposition Form

5. CEP Standards Portfolio Requirements (You can see previous students’ examples on their e-portfolios. Find their e-portfolios from the page ‘Portfolios‘)

Another form you will use during the student teaching

  • Self-evaluation Sheet (Student Teacher Use-For the 6th week)
    Student teachers are requested to videotape their teaching and observe their teaching by using this form for reflection.
    Self-evaluation Sheet 

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