Welcome to Student Teaching!

“Teaching is like learning an art. It requires depth of experience for self-reflective understanding and continued development. It requires related experiences and deep finger painting (5)personal involvement. Most important, learning to be a teacher, like learning an art, requires a series of tangible products in which we can review and see, over time, the pattern of our development and the form of our individuality.”

-Burkhart and Neil in Identity and Teacher Learning

As you begin your student teaching experience; please keep the following advice, expectations and suggestions in mind! Review the presentation to refresh your memory!

1. Always be on time, prepared and professional! (You follow the calendar at your placement–not CSU. The placement will start from the first official teaching day, not include preparation days.)

2. Read and review the Student Teaching Handbook, Seminar syllabus and calendar, as well as any information given to you at your placement sites. You are responsible for knowing this information.

3. You are responsible for arranging observations. Please arrange observations well in advance.

4. You must have plans available for all lesson taught at your placements.

5. Attendance in all aspects of student teaching and seminar is mandatory. If more than three days in the semester are missed your placements will be extended.

6. Be cognizant of professional (CAEA/NAEA) and extra-curricular activities you might participate in during your student teaching experience.

7. Wash your hands often, eat properly and get sleep!

8. Have fun!