B. EDUC493A: Calendar & Readings

The calendar for EDUC493A 2019 Fall semester is available below:

EDUC493a Fall 2019 Calendar

Attendance at the Career Development Seminar is required. Employment Fairs are included in the calendar. Please read the calendar thoroughly. Some events are tentative so please be aware of any future changes.


Date Time Location Topic
Tuesday, October 8 4:30-7:30 PM CSU

(room location TBD)

Secondary Career Development Seminar


(*All students are required to attend ONE Career Development Seminar unless they are enrolled in the online seminar.  If a student is unable to attend a Career Development seminar, they will be required to do a mock interview with a teacher or administrator in their building and write a one page reflection to be submitted to Juliana Searle. 

(University coaches/seminar leaders are not required to attend, but we would love to have you if you would like to join us.)

Tuesday, October 22 9 AM – 4 PM


UNC Campus,

University Center


Greeley, CO


University of Northern Colorado Teacher Employment Day



*registration details in link




A student teacher’s art journal


Art Education for Social Justice

Integrating Contemporary Art – Jeff Koons

Integrating Contemporary Art – Kara Walker

Personal Sculpture

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