B. EDUC493A: Calendar

The calendar for EDUC493A this semester is available below:

EDUC493A 2022 Spring Calendar

PLACEMENT DATES for the fall are:

1st Placement – January 5 – February 25, 2022

2nd Placement -February 28 – April 29, 2022

2022 Spring Final Presentation Day: May 9th, 2022, Monday, Time and Location TBD

Attendance Policy:

  • You are required to attend every seminar in order to pass student teaching. If you have unexpected sickness or events that may cause you to miss the seminar, you must make up the seminar by attending one student teaching seminar from another arts education program, such as dance, theater, or music education. You will have to contact the instructor of the program and cc Patrick in your e-mail. If you are late for a seminar for more than 15 minutes, you will be considered as missing the seminar and will need to make up for the absence. 
  • Attendance at the Career Development Seminar is required each semester; The time is TBD. The seminar is organized and conducted by CEP so information will be forwarded to you directly from them again.
  • Attendance at the Career Employment Fairs is not yet scheduled. Please keep your eyes on the future emails.


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