H. Resume Writing Tips

These suggestions are not meant to be absolute standards. Résumé details will vary with your career objectives.

Résumé Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips (word)

Resume Writing Tips (pdf)

Sample Résumé

Sample Resume (word)

Sample Resume (pdf)

The Wold Resource Center in the Department of Art suggests visiting the following websites for additional information:





1. Identification (Make sure your contact information is up-to-date. You want to be available.)

  • Email address (will not change)
  • Cell phone number
  • E-portfolio link


2. Qualification

  • Colorado Initial Teacher License, K-12 Art
  • PLACE Exam passed, date
  • Languages/Technology/Unique experiences


3. Education

  • Name of institution attended
  • Location (town, state)
  • Degree and when received
  • Areas of concentration (studio area; art education); or certification area; minor; special qualifications


3. Student Teaching Experience

  • School (start with most recent); location
  • Dates
  • Describe what each placement is all about.
  • Describe basic responsibilities (highlight 2 or 3) and duties performed: attended meetings and/or professional conferences; exhibited work; monitored art club; assisted with field trips; etc.
  • What did you gain from each experience? What skills did you use? Demonstrate how you wrote and taught original lesson plans; incorporated literacy, numeracy, and technology; developed and used assessments; provided accommodations; aligned objectives with standards; management; etc.
  • Provide webpage links to appropriate examples


4. Career-Related Practicum/Work Experience

  • Name of school/employer/activity NOT CLASS  (Use BRAINY, Artistic Abilities, etc. NOT ART325 or EDUC466. Highlight your experience.)
  • Location
  • Dates
  • Duties and Responsibilities (use action verbs that highlight responsibilities and skills)


5. Related Activities & Honors

  • Art Exhibitions
  • Related Academic Honors


6. Credentials or References

  • Provide three references’ names and contact information: university supervisor and cooperating teachers; others might include: principals; methods/practicum instructors; etc.
  • Provide letters upon request (university supervisor; cooperating teachers; principals; methods/practicum instructors; etc.)


1. Student teaching experiences are of utmost importance. Be inclusive and specific in describing these.

2. Education résumés can be two pages. (Front and back)

3. Organization is important in resume format.

4. Communicate effectively – no need to be flowery – stick to the point! No typing or spelling errors and appropriate amount of white space should be used. Be unique but not gimmicky.

5. Flexibility and willingness to relocate will be a big factor when seeking employment.

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