K. Educator Effectiveness

The State of Colorado defines effective teachers as follows:

“Effective Teachers in the state of Colorado have the knowledge, skills, and commitments needed to provide excellent and equitable learning opportunities and growth for all students. They strive to support growth and development, close achievement gaps and to prepare diverse student populations for postsecondary and workforce success. EffectivePeer Teaching 054 Teachers facilitate mastery of content and skill development, and employ and adjust evidence-based strategies and approaches for students who are not achieving mastery and students who need acceleration. They also develop in students the skills, interests and abilities necessary to be lifelong learners, as well as for democratic and civic participation. Effective Teachers communicate high expectations to students and their families and utilize diverse strategies to engage them in a mutually supportive teaching and learning environment. Because effective Teachers understand that the work of ensuring meaningful learning opportunities for all students cannot happen in isolation, they engage in collaboration, continuous reflection, on-going learning and leadership within the profession.”

Educators are evaluated using quality standards. The state describes these standards as:

“The Teacher Quality Standards outline the knowledge and skills required of an effective Teacher and will be used to evaluate Teachers in the state of Colorado. All School Districts and BOCES shall base their evaluations of licensed classroom Teachers on the full set of Teacher Quality Standards and associated detailed Elements included below, or shall adopt their own locally developed standards that meet or exceed the Teacher Quality Standards and Elements. School Districts and BOCES that adopt their own locally developed standards shall crosswalk those standards to the Teacher Quality Standards and Elements, so that the School District or BOCES is able to report the data required by section 6.04 of these rules.”

Teacher Quality Standards and Elements, as well as an overview of Senate Bill 191 follows:

1CCR301-87EvaluationofLicensedPersonnel(IncludingAppealsRules)4.27.12 (pdf)

Power Point on SB191(6.4.12)

Teachers will be evaluated according to these standards and it is important for you, as a new professional, to familarize yourself with this information. Review it carefully.

Additional and continually updated information can be found on the Colorado Department of Education webpage on Educator Effectiveness at: http://www.cde.state.co.us/Educator Effectiveness/

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