O. Licensing Information

  1. Go to CDE website: www.cde.state.co.us
  2. Click on “Educator Licensing/Services” on the left side of the screen.
  3. Under Educator Licenses, click on “Licensing Applications (Educator, and Career and Technical Education).”
  4. Follow directions under “Initial Educator License.”  The application is now done electronically, and the system will not let you go on with the application if you have left anything out.
  5. Send, or fax, the “Verification of Completion of Approved Educator Program” form to CEP Office, after completing Section A of the form.
  6. CEP Office will complete Section B and sign the form, as soon as your final grades and degree have been posted by CSU.


  1. You must send transcripts from all institutions you have attended to CDE, along with your application.  Some of your colleges may be able to send electronic copies of transcripts to CDE.  Check with the individual institutions to see if this is possible.  CDE prefers to receive electronic transcripts.  CSU can send electronic transcripts, but you must request that they be sent electronically to CDE. (The application will give you instructions for this.)
  2. NOTE: For those of you who also need a “Career and Technical License,” (also found under “Licensing Applications) you must also apply for this additional license, and must pay a fee for each license. (This applies to Ag Ed, FACS, Information Technology, Tech Ed., and Business/Marketing)
  3. You may check on the status of your license application at any time, on the CDE website by clicking on “Educator Licensing/Services” and then click on “Check the status of an application.”

For questions contact: CEP Office at Colorado State University.

970-491-2632, CEP Office, 1588 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1588


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