J. Instruction and Management Statement

In a statement about instruction and management consider the following:

  • Be succinct and to-the-point; consider illustrating your beliefs with concrete examples
    *The “instruction” here is not asking for your general instructional skills on teaching art, but rather, how the management skills/strategies you apply help you in terms of teaching art or enhancing students’ art learning
  • Talk about art! Why is it important to teach art? (Being specific and providing examples can make a big impression.)
  • Consider providing a bulleted version
  • Making learning meaningful; choice in art; motivation and ideation ↔ elements that engage the learner and address management
  • Discuss importance of IEP/ALP/RTI
  • Explain differentiation and accommodation; how does the art educator address access (considerations for resources or process) and expression (considerations for product or performance)
  • Relationship of art studio design to management issues
  • Safety and management
  • Creating community, communication with all constituents, parent partnerships
  • Refer to Differentiated Instruction in Art by Heather Fountain

Here is a framework you can consider but please remember that it is not a definite format to use. You MUST construct the statement based upon your own personal teaching belief.

Resources for management, differentiation and accommodations:

Learner characteristics guide accommodationsmanual_characteristics and table accommodationsmanual_tables

Student Behavior in the Art Room: Student Behavior in the Art Room

Understanding, Responding to, and Inspiring At Risk Students-2014 TAB Colorado: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WzfrSCb0_c

and PowerPoint: Understanding, Responding to and Engaging At Risk Students

New Paradigm of Classroom Management (1)

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