C. Reflective Journal

Please make an additional page on your e-portfolio website to document your teaching practices bi-weekly. Before every seminar, you will create one art piece along with a written reflection to reflect your student teaching experience of the previous two weeks. The journal reflections and art pieces will be seen as your reflections and artifacts of your standard elements (Standards 2 and 4) reflections. Prompts are provided to focus your reflections and will be due at noon on the seminar dates. Every entry is a complete (100) or incomplete (0) assignment.

The art pieces in your reflexive journal entries can be created by ANY art forms and media, such as 2D, 3D, video/audio recording, or performance. However, please incorporate or choose at least ONE challenge from the art practice list (see the link below) to create your art piece. Also, please do not apply the same art method, technique, or medium more than twice throughout your journal entries. If you have a different art challenge that you want to experiment with but it is not on the list, please add it to our art practice list and provide one resource link next to it so that other people can try to do it. Trying out different art practices, materials, and other creative arts combinations can also help you develop creative projects for/with your students.

Art Practice List

Reflective Journal Prompts

Art journal prompt #1

Please create a visual metaphor and written response to represent your first weeks of student teaching experience and post as the submission for this reflective assignment.
* Before you start, make sure you have read the weekly journal instruction thoroughly and include the required components.
**This is a complete (100) or incomplete (0) assignment.


Art journal prompt #2

Based upon your teaching experience and classroom observation so far, create THREE symbols/metaphors that represent the things you figure that you need to reinforce or add to your teaching. Make a short explanation for each of them.


Art journal prompt #3

How do you see your position from being a student to a student teacher?
How do you shift between teaching and learning in your student teaching?
How do you make your teacher presence evident in the classroom?

Think about the questions, make an art work as a response, and provide a short written explanation.


Art journal prompt #4

How would you define efficient time management?
How can efficient time management help your teaching and students’ learning?
How do you manage your time so that you can create a balance for all parties in your life?
Did you learn any tricks to improve your time management from any resources (colleagues, parents, books, professional development conferences, etc. )? Please share!

Also, please do not forget to create one reflective art practice for your reflection!


Art journal prompt #5

-Why is professional development important for be/coming an art educator?
-Reflect on some professional development events, practices, readings, books, etc., including but not limited to art relevant professional development, that you have attended or read during your student teaching. Please share how the experiences and knowledge you gained shaped or improved your current teaching/learning experiences.
-Create an art metaphor or practice to represent your feeling of participating in developing your educational profession by picking one challenge from the list!

Also, please do not forget to create one reflective art practice for your reflection!


Art journal prompt #6

Transformation and Transition
Aspects to reflect on:
-What perspectives/strategies/practices did you learn from the first placement that revised/enhanced/transformed your previous perspectives or assumptions about teaching and learning?
-What changes have you made or adjusted to adapt to the new placement?

In entry #6, please show some images of an “art-making process” instead of an art product. The images that you post have to metaphorically represent your transformation after the first placement AND/OR the transition to the second placement. Please choose one challenge that you have not tried yet from the art practice list.


Art journal prompt #7

Please write a short reflection to demonstrate:
1. What are the important elements to create a predictable, caring, and positive learning environment?
2. What strategies are helpful for you to respect for diversity?
3. Please look back all your reflective journal entries.
-What type of self-growth did you observe through reflexive practices?
-What type of reflexive practices or methods did you apply to assist your students’ art learning in your teaching? Did they work well or could be improved with some adjustments (how)? State two examples (either work well or didn’t work well. Or one for both!).

Please create one metaphor to summarize your entire student teaching experience. Try one art challenge that you haven’t experienced yet from the list!